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Guide for renting a boat in Ibiza

Now that the first afer-covid summer in Ibiza is about to kick in, we’d like to share with you some tips for yacht rental.

Renting a boat is probably one of the restriction-free leisure activities that will be completely allowed during the months to come.

Being one of the favourite things to do in Ibiza, a day out on a yacht including a visit to Formentera might not be affordable to every pocket, but year to year this one day activity is becoming more and more popular.

Continue reading and get all the answers for your sea adventure…

Choosing the type of yacht

First thing you ask yourself about:

Which type of yacht should I rent?

The easy answer is: Well one that fulfills my needs…

Let’s take a look at those needs. It is important to consider things such as:

  • The route: Not the same if you want to stop by at different beaches around the island, or if you’re planning to go to Formentera. For this sailing, we recommend a fast motor yacht like the Canados 90.
  • The weather conditions: If its windy and the sea is moving a lot, it’s better to pick a bigger boat. A boat of a bigger size will prevent you from feeling seasick, especially if you’re combining your sailing with some spirits… A good pick would be the Princess V58.
  • If you are not in a hurry and you want to sail around the “calas” of the white island, try out the sailing boat
  • Number of persons: Where size really matters. Check on a smaller boat like a Sessa 27, or if you are a huge group, for instance a business team trip, consider the Gulet, which handles groups up to 36 persons.
 Mg 3426
 Mg 2878

The budget

This is like in real estate. As the flat grows in size, lower is it’s price per sqm.

Count how big is the group and how much each of you can afford. Prices for a private yacht start at around 600€, and include the captain, the fuel and  different food and drinks options.

Wanna have double fun?

Rent a tandem charter. This type of deal comes on large groups, that can pick a number of yachts and sail together.

You will also have to consider if you are getting a morning or evening charter, a full day or if you want to spend the night aboard.

Prices will vary depending on the season. There are three seasons in Ibiza.

  • Low season: OCTOBER – MAY
  • Mid season: JUNE – SEPTEMBER
  • High season: JULY – AUGUST

Top Ibiza TIP: If you’re renting last minute, ask for a discount!

Sessa 27 (2)
28 Criscraft28

Capacity, speed and facilities

  • Sunseeker Tomahawk 41

Capacity is one of the main criteria when picking a boat.

In general terms, you can find relatively small boat, such as the Cranchi 26. For bigger groups, check out this sea jewel. The Princess V58.

When it comes to speed, think of which type of sailing you’re doing. If your plan is to chill and discover the “calas”, a slower and more stable boat will suffice. However, if you plan is to trigger some adrenaline, consider renting a speedboat. Most of the speedboats come equipped with water-skis, wakeboard and all kind of water toys.

Last but not least are the facilities. Regarding fun stuff, yachts can be equipped with canoes, paddleboard and snorkelling gears. Ask what’s included and what’s not.

In Top Ibiza Vip we have some boats equipped with top notch water toys sucha as seabob, jet-ski or even flyboards.

The routes

Have you thought of this? Wel you should have when planning the budget.

This is what we think you shouldn’t miss on sailing day.

  • The classic trip Ibiza-Formentera:
    If Ibiza is considered a paradise, wait until you see Formentera. Sailing in the morning will give you time enough to stop by at Es Palmador. This is a shallow sandbank localted a few hundred meters away from Formentera.
    Jump into the crystal waters and swim to the beach. After that your skipper will sail off to Ses Illetes beach, where you will step in and have lunch in one of it’s amazing restaurant. Wheter you chose “Beso Beach” or “Juan y Andrea”, you can’t go wrong. There’s a dinghy service for pick-ups and drop-offs from your boat to the restaurants. The evening get’s interesting at “Beso Beach”, with some music and a party will go on until late night. You can also enjoy an astounding sunset at Cap d’es Falco before heading back to Ibiza. Another two good restaurants that for sure won’t let you down are “Es molí de Sal” and “El Pirata”.
  •  The incredible tour to Es Vedrá:
    It is known Es Vedrá to be a world place of pilgrimage and mystery. Getting close to these natural habitat is a thing you don’t want to miss, together with it’s spectacular sunsets
  • Top Ibiza Vip secrets:
    Discover many more hidden secret places in the island taking advantage of our intimate knowledge of both Ibiza and Formentera

Safety tips

  • Safety Tips Yacht

Before renting the boat, check the safety credentials of the charter company. Ask about the public liability insurance to be conscious of which type of coverage you have in case something goes wrong.

Regarding safety it’s not all about insurance and regulations…

It is important to beware of your own safety when aboard the boat. Here are somethings you should bear in mind:

  • Footwear: It is better to walk barefoot on deck. Using inadequate footwear combined with a slippery surface can lead to accidents…
  • Sunscreen: This is a MUST have item. Remember to use it several times a day, especially after bathing. The sun during those months is very strong and can will provoke insolation in most people. Having a nice tan is one thing you’re proud of after a day out on the sea. Sticking out in the crowd and being called lobster is another thing. Remember that the sun offshore is stronger than on the beach, and with the sea breeze you will have the sensation of not feeling it
  • Jellyfish:  A nasty jellyfish sting can totally ruin your day at sea. Jellyfish come to the island shores sometimes in the year, depending on the season. Ask your captain for advice, and take a quick look to the water before you dive in. Waters are so wonderfully crystal that you can’t miss it
  • Beware of shallow waters: Before jumping into the sea, check out the depth. We have seen many tough accidents and if having one is never pleasant, being in a boat makes it more tedious. Think twice before face diving and check on for a slippery platform befoure you show off with a nice stunt
  • Drink a lot of water: Sun + Alcohol drinks will + dancing will get your body dehydrated. Remember you need to keep the party going once you get back to Ibiza

You party your music

Most of the boats are equipped with amazing sound systems, which provide a USB phone connection for you to link.

Remember to create a playlist for the occasion. Ibiza chill out sessions answer for a good musical experience on a boat.

After your charter tour

Once you get back to the island, if you still have energy, you can spend the night out.

Remember though, it is wise to continue drinking a lot of water. Also, you might want to give your skin a break by applying some aftersun lotion.