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Ibiza COVID-FREE 2020 plans

This 2020 summer is definitely a strange one. We’ve been hit by a global pandemy, and we are all sceptical of whether travelling is a good idea or not. Is the plan going to be the same? Will I find a crowded atmosphere, or will it just be quiet and chilled?

The answers to these questions are obvious. This year is going to be completely different to any other year. Despite this, the word crisis equalls to oportunity for many. That’s why we’ve thought of some plans for those who will be travelling to the white island.

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1. Renting A Yacht

As we shared with you last month, on this weird 2020 we have considered the best to-do-plan in Ibiza is to rent a yacht.

Check our yacht rental offers HERE.

Regarding the fact that nights are quiet right now, you will have plenty of energy to enroll into a breathtaking yacht tour around the multiple “calas” or going to “Ses Illetes” beach, considered by Trip Advisor as the #14 best beaches in the world.

It might look like high season, but a lot of good offers are showing up this summer… Since we are lacking international tourism, a lot of providers are adapting there pricing offer to an audience that can afford less. This results in many more oportunities for those who reach the balearic islands. DO NOT MISS THAT.

If you wanna know more about what an excellent day aboard would look like, you can read our latest:

Guide for renting a boat in Ibiza

velero en ibiza
 Mg 2878

2. Visit Ibiza’s old town

What about walking down the usually crowded streets of Ibiza town, but being able to move around without being hit constantly by other people? Well it’s the perfect moment to admire Ibiza’s architecture without bumping into anyone.

Due to the fact that there’s less people, the streets are less crowded, which brings you the perfect chance to traverse the old town and visit Ibiza’s boutiques and harbour.

There’s plenty of bars and restaurants which will welcome you, but remember…


ibiza downtown
Ibiza by night

3. A visit to the Hippy Markets

  • Ibiza Markets


A really nice experience and a perfect chance to buy this whole load of souvenirs and gift you’re taking back home. We recommend you the “Las Dalias” hippy market, located in San Carlos.

Open this 2020 summer daily all Saturdays from April through October, from 10am to 8pm, and at night on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sunday, from 7pm to 12:30am. 

For more information you can visit their site HERE.

Check the concert agenda or use their 10% discount coupon available – LASDALIAS10 – valid only on Saturdays on their online store.


Open on Wednesdays, feel the vibe of the largest and oldest hippy market in Ibiza.

Visit the artisants and artist, which offer a huge variety of the most exclusive crafts, jewelry, cosmetics, musical instruments, and original articles. Enjoy it’s concerts and gastronomy… Seems they are really proud of their homemade paella…

For more information you can visit their site HERE.

4. The caves

What about the bohemian and ancestral island? If you’re in need of some adventure, you must go explore the caves in Ibiza. Perhaps the most famous ones are the caves of Can Marça, located up north.

Discovered by a group of smugglers in the 80s, this cave has become one of the main tourist attractions. The visit takes place with an outdoor walk around the cliffs that leads the visitors to the entrace.

After this, they are lead 40 minutes through the cave, where it is possible to enjoy a striking natural scenery molded by mother nature, thanks to the action of time.

Don’t forget taking a picture of the impressive views that the cliff has to offer.

5. The beaches

As ridiculous as it might seem, we are mentioning the obvious… The beaches. Ibiza is composed by dozens of beatifully crafted beaches. Don’t forget to schedule your visits to the best beaches.

Unfortunately, we never have the time to visit everything when we are on holidays. Since time is limited, we’ve already picked the best beaches in the island. You can find them HERE.

6. Extra leisure activities that you might want to consider

  • Safety Tips Yacht

Ibiza is a great island that combines both water and mountain activities…

This are a list of covid-free activities that are going on this summer, and that if you happen to be in the island at this moment, you might want to take into account.

Rent a mountain bike

With this fabulous terrain, hiking or going out on a bike tour is a must. Not only you will enjoy the routes that drive you into the woods or deliver you an awesome picture-taking sunset in a beach, but you will also burn some calories. The later being something we really should consider when we’re on holidays.

Play Golf

For players that cannot escape some days without playing it, there is the Golf Ibiza which has two courses of very different features, located in a rugged valley in the south of the island and close to the coast.


A good yoga session is always welcome. Explore the different yoga centers that are present around the white island.


How does this sound, riding a horse on a sunny day, surrounded by nature and water…

Rent a Quad

There’s plenty of companies that offer Quad routes.

We admit it. This sounds like a lot of thinking to be done… Well remember that if you need anything done, we are willing to help. We are available 24/7 during the whole season. So don’t hesitate and CONTACT us right now!